NumPad not working in iTerm2!

I’ve recently decided that I am going to start blogging errors, problems and code I find useful. I have a Google Doc with Tips on lots of things and I have an Errors doc that I started when studying at Enspiral Dev Academy.

I have kept referring back to my errors doc and more and more to my Tips (at work) doc. So, why not share openly for others?

I have just been doing some work on my MacBook at home and my keypad (wire keyboard) hasn’t been working for ages (but I haven’t spent the time to fix it). So did a quick search, first hit was this Fix for iTerm2 Numeric Keypad Not Working, solution:

in iTerm2, go to preferences>profiles>keys and select  “xterm with numeric keypad” from ‘load presets’.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 3.48.44 PM.png

Have just read this though,, hopefully I won’t come up against any other issues with the keyboard now!


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