Phase 1 Completed! Dev Academy Bootcamp

I have completed Phase 1 of Enspiral Dev Academy bootcamp! Yay! I am really excited to get into Phase 2 as we graduate to Sinatra – a domain-specific language, which we will be using to create web applications! It is like graduating to secondary school!

During Phase 0 I really enjoyed working with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and JQuery, so I am looking forward to getting back into using those as well as it feels more real now that we are moving to web applications.

Recap of the last week:

  • databases
  • object-relational mapping
  • schema design
  • SQLite
  • gems, gemfiles (want to use Nyan Cat RSpec Formatter at some point in the future!
  • ActiveRecord
  • rakefiles
  • migrations
  • associations
  • lots of ORM!

I also “blinged” up my Sublime text editor with Cobalt2 after reading this article “Top 11 Programming Fonts for your Text Editor and Terminal“, and I have started to use iTerm2. I feel that it helps me be more efficient in my work with this cool looking styles.

Stand out learnings from this week:

Technical – the building blocks are really started to fit together, with learning about ORM, databases, ActiveRecord and how everything works together, it seems to be making sense!

Engineering empathy – listen learnt (again) this week was that I can have a ‘tunnel’ focus when I think I am on the right track, and sometimes this does not serve me well. It is beneficial to check in with others in your team more often then not. It is important to be open and transparent with people you are pairing with and in groups with on projects.

Learning – that I have learnt more than I think I have! There was a self assessment task to do over the weekend and the first two releases I found pretty easy. However, the last one which was using ORM, database and ActiveRecord I felt very uneasy about. But as it turns out I managed to completed it to my utter surprise, as I don’t know how I got it working! I will be doing a code review with a teacher during the week to make sure I do know how I got it working. Maybe I will think differently in the morning, as that seems to be when my mind is at its best.