Week 8 – Contributed plugins

This is the final week (although I am doing it slightly earlier, it is great that those at Moodlebites are able to be flexible) and it has been about plugins! But what I think will be most useful is ‘A Windows application for creating GIFT questions‘. Ever since we go into Moodle at school I have been trying to figure out an easy way of doing quizzies. One that is less time consuming and one that any teacher could easily use. Now, there are a lot of different ways to create questions quicker than actually creating them in Moodle and I have played with a few of them. But I haven’t really yet find one that I think would be easy for teachers to use. So when I get back from the holidays I will try moodleed out and see how it goes. I have my fingers crossed.

Have blasted through this last week of the course (as well as Week 7 and have now finished. With finishing (and getting over 80% in the quzzies each week) comes a certificate (in pdf format).

Moodlebites Course Designers Certificate

So, nice little neat certificate.

The courses following on from this are Moodlebites for Theme Designers – don’t think that is for me anytime soon. Moodlebites for Administrators – quite like the idea of this course, although I am not admin for the site at school and not sure if I would be able to use the skills I gain.

Now I need to go out and disseminate all that I have learnt to everyone else at school!


More thoughts from the Moodlebites for Course Designers

Using WordPress (20 June)

Awhile ago I thought I would start looking at writing a blog but discovered I’m not a blogger. However, recently I have discovered Rebelmouse – https://www.rebelmouse.com/SchuKnight/ and that someone decided to follow the WordPress blog that I started in the last school holidays following the NZ Moodlemoot.

And now with the regular reminders about adding blog entries here I thought I would revisit WordPress. I do really like the UI and the layout in WordPress, plus you can easily follow other peoples blogs as well.

So, I am kind of blogging but it will be very intermittent I think. I am far more activie on Twitter and now with Rebelmouse I can gather everything in one place – which I think is pretty cool and handy.

Course Designers (9 June)

Wow! A lot to get through during the first week! Head full! Especially after having the iMoot not so long ago. Liked learning about roles and being able to add to different activities for students. Would like to spend more time looking at the philosophy and pedagogy behind Moodle and think about ways to implement with my classes at school. Would be really cool. Also had DP send link to this yesterday…http://www.lurfilms.com/work.php?vid_id=74  …would love to get something set up along these lines at school!!

Week 7 – Web 2.0 and Collaboration

Have flown through this week as it is the start of the holidays and am going away.

The best thing about this week was discovering www.mindomo.com, a mind mapping tool. Can sign in with Google, which means easy to use with GAFE, looks cool, easy to use. Here is my first go at one on Mindomo, Get Up & Go mindmap (takes a little while to load). This is an example for a Year 12 PE standard – I can see this tool being really useful! You can also embed maps into sites, quick attempt in Moodle:

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 6.19.33 PM


Week 6 Accessibility and Usability (Moodlebites for Course Designers)

Been looking at Accessibility and Usability  Things I have found interesting, use of captions – particularly with YouTube, am going to have to try that out.

There is heaps to think about when looking at these issues. One in 12 students will have issues around colour and accessing or using sites. Perhaps these are good reasons to have a Style Guide for Moodle in a school and also this could help with the usability  having certain things the same across courses, subjects, departments and site wide.

Hmmm, will ponder.

Some pondering in answer to this: Some would say that for learning to have taken place a change in behaviour (or attitude) should be evident… (agree/disagree?) … so which of these statements best describes you ?

My answer to this Choice Activity was: I will certainly think more carefully about some design decisions.

However, whether I will do anything is all down to time! I know it is a cop out but my main issue with thinking about making courses more accessible is the time. Both the time needed to think about it but also the time to implement!

As Moodle keeps progressing, hopefully there will be more and more accessibility built into the core of Moodle.

Week 5 Advanced Database, Lessons & HTML (Moodlebites for Course Designers)

Week 5 got us looking more in-depth into Databases and Lessons. These I have not used really at all since learning about them last year in the Moodlebites for Teachers course.  I did try doing a lesson for 9 Digital Tech but I need to set aside a lot more time to implement it properly. I’m not to sure how I can use a database yet in any of my courses or at least I haven’t sat down and thought about it enough.

We also looked at HTML blocks, which I have used a lot on my home page in Moodle but not so much in courses. Although I do see the usefulness of them. Really need to set aside a lot of time to set all of these up!

On a completely different note, at school we are being upgraded to 2.5 over the holidays and I am rather excited about the Badges plugin! I have tried out using ‘badges’ in 2.4 using restricted access and activity conditions and students have seemed quite receptive to it. I also see this as a way to possibly give out pastrol house points, as our students no longer get given cardboards certificates for house points awarded, so could be really cool for Year 9’s to get!

Week 4 Graphics (Moodlebites for Course Designers)

A couple of forums posts that I have made for Week 4 of Moodlebites for Course Designers .


I have found pixlr – editor really great to use. Not as powerful as Photoshop but really up there for being all online. You can save files as a pxd file which saves all the layers etc, so you can work on again at a later date.
Has been a great option for students, means they can do work at home, as most do not have Photoshop (which is what we have at school).

Screen casts / Screen recording

I start using http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/ awhile go which was quite good. It has the mouse being highlighted or with a circle around when you click on things. However, I found that the qualoty wasn’t very good (will not for the free version anyway). I then discovered http://www.screenr.com/ which is great, good qulaity, easy to use, easy ti embed. Have used a lot in digital tech. With both though, the time limit is 5 minutes, which in a way is quite good as you don’t want to have screencasts that go on forever!!
This is my RSS feed from screenr.com – http://www.screenr.com/user/schuknight/rss



Week 3 Audio and Podcasts (Moodlebites for Course Designers)

Week 3 has been all about Audio, which would be really interesting to use in Moodle at school. However, lots seems to be ‘locked down’ for us at school which means we can’t just go and try things out. Although, Audacity will be a good tool to use and I would think particularly in Language subjects.

I am looking forward to using some audio in courses to change up from just having text or video resources. Might make it more interesting for me as well as the students.

I might have to have a go at getting students to record and see if they can upload into a forum. Oh and I need to try and get a voki working, cos that would be really cool and those students who aren’t keen to speak in front of t

How do you use audio in Moodle? Or with you students at school if you don’t use Moodle?
he class could contribute there great ideas in a less threatening way!

Link to course – Moodlebites for Course Designers