Half way through Phase 2 @ EDA Bootcamp

This is a very quick post as Phase 2 of Enspiral Dev Academy is really full on, madly busy.

In week 4 (week 1 of Phase 2) covered:

Testing, Simple Web Applications, and Github: In week 4, we cover Rspec, Sinatra, ActiveRecord, HTML, CSS, and Heroku. Your primary objective is to feel confident that you can create simple web applications on a team and on your own, test them, and get them hosted on the Internet for your friends and loved ones to see.

Feeling good with Sinatra as I am working on the first personal project, which is using Sinatra, Ruby and ActiveRecord (and HTML/CSS) to make a shopping cart. I didn’t think I really knew what I was doing but after talking with a teacher and a couple of teaching assistants about how to approach it, I have really surprised myself. I have a shopping cart that can display all the orders for a particular user. Yay!

Although I haven’t done any testing yet and need to add some more functionally. But that important thing is that I have learnt more than I have realised and that I can do this!

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.06.19 pm

Looking forward to spending more time on getting deployment working. We deployed our group project – EDA Face Cards – but isn’t working on Heroku properly. We are really happy with the design of the site. I did this with another group member in a few hours on the second day of the project. They are two day projects at the moment.

The first personal project is due on Wednesday and then we get given the next two! Which I think are due the following Wednesday – madly busy! But on what fun!


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