An aside: Imposter Syndrome

The other week, Samson Ootoovak, a coach at DevAcademy, posted in EDA’s slack channel a link to a video of  Joshua Paling speaking about the Imposter Syndrome. Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 4.44.22 pm

Good talk, worthwhile watching whole 20 minutes.

The following week I as in touch with Rachel Collingridge, who works at Powershop, I was asking her if she has suffered from imposter syndrome and ideas on how to deal with it. She also sent me the link to the above video of Joshua as well as to his slides and some extra stuff that he didn’t get to talk about in the video.

On Joshua’s site, he links to Alicia Liu’s blog. She has written a number of posts about impostor syndrome which a well worth a read.

It is refreshing to read about what others in the tech industry think and feel about imposter syndrome. Makes me feel better about where I am at and the feelings of doubt that I have.

I read all of this stuff a couple of weeks ago and since then have been working hard on the last two weeks of EDA. Sitting here now, I know that I haven’t had as many moments of feeling like an imposter or sheer panic as in previous weeks. I think this is partly due to realising that the majority of people learning to code and who code for a living, do also suffer from feeling like an imposter. And that it doesn’t stop once you are no longer a beginner. So rather than worry too much about it I’m just going to get on with learning.


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