Dev Academy: Week 4 – Hello Ruby!

This week was an introduction to the language of Ruby. Starting with the Ruby Basics course on Treehouse which covered:

  • How Ruby Works
  • Ruby Strings
  • Ruby Numbers
  • Ruby Methods

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 8.24.54 pm

Then into the Ruby Foundations course which covered:

  • Basics
  • Objects, Classes, and Variables
  • Strings
  • Numbers
  • Arrays
  • Hashes
  • Methods
  • Loops
  • Blocks
  • Procs & Lambdas
  • Modules
  • Core – core collection of classes and modules
  • Standard Library
  • Testing

I was pretty happy with all of the stages up to Blocks. Having completed the University of Canterbury Introduction to Programming course (Python) last year, the concepts and syntax is pretty similar. So, no surprises for the first half but then there was the rest! Blocks, procs, lambdas!?!?!?!?

I have an in-built need in my brain to complete all tasks/challenges when I am doing a course of study. So even though I haven’t really understand most of the last stages in Ruby Foundations, I had to finish them all. One day, hopefully, it will all make complete and utter sense to me.

We also had 20 exercises to complete this week from as simple as creating some variables to working out if a year had been a leap year, to creating a Factorial Method. I quite enjoyed doing these as I like figuring them out.

It was good to start getting into learning Ruby. What I am really looking forward to though is creating projects. I feel I can only go so far with making loops and finding strings in arrays. So, when I get to use Ruby to make something ‘cool’ I will be really excited!


5 thoughts on “Dev Academy: Week 4 – Hello Ruby!

  1. Sounds like you’re starting to get into the good stuff. One thing I would say though (something I struggled with at first too), is try to be OK with not finishing everything. In EDA, it’s sometimes better to go wider than deeper.

    Also, just get what you need from an exercise. I used to be a real tyrant for reading/completing everything even if I got it after the first example. It’s hard at first but as the content only increases it’s an awesome skill to have.

    • Yeah, I am going to have to work on this and be okay with not completing things to the best of my ability. I will need to manage my stress levels. I was looking at the old curriculum for Phase-0 and time-boxing, so am thinking I need to be strict with myself and set a time limit for challenges/exercises and move on once time is up. And if I have time left after attempting all of them I could go back and revisit some. Thanks for your feedback. Good to get other peoples thoughts.

  2. Totally agree with you regarding finishing all problems, even if you don’t understand it all. Eventually you will understand those concepts and you’ll be better off for it, and the more code you type and run the better your understanding will be

    • Yeah agree with you too! I would rather try and get everything done when it is given. However, I am thinking that I will have to really manage my time in the coming weeks. I really don’t like getting stressed out and if I am really strict about getting absolutely getting everything finished really well, I will become a stress ball!! Bit like I did last year! So, thinking I will set myself time limits for exercises and if have time left will go back and revisit. At EDA they say this “Completing challenges does not mean that you have the right answer, the perfect code, or the best explanation. It is your own, honest, best attempt at tackling the challenge using the process we defined (pseudocode, code, refactor, reflect), and we are most concerned with how quickly you can learn, not the “right” answer.” How quickly you learn, not the “right answer”!! So different to doing the python paper at uni last year. I am going to work on changing my mindset somewhat so I am not locked into having to have everything right the first time.
      Thanks for your comment. Always good to get others thoughts.

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