JavaScript Basics – Treehouse

Have just finished this block on the Front End Web Development track on Treehouse.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 5.01.34 pm

My last post was about the Introduction to Programming, which was replaced in this track by the JavaScript Basics that I have just completed. I have to say that I enjoyed the JS Basics more than the Intro to Prog. There was more coding to do in Workspaces and the exercises I found more interesting. I thought the flow of information made more sense, it seemed more logical. Pleased I have done both as it as definitely solidified my learning of the basics in Javascript. And I am enjoying learning JavaScript and playing around with it. Here is the basic quiz I made. I think I particularly like the interactivity and being able to see results straight away that aren’t just lines of of code (like with Python).

One aspect of Treehouse that I really like is that the blocks that you do in a track will count for blocks in other tracks as well. For example, in the Front End Web Development track I have completed the How to Make a Website block, as well as the Introduction to Programming (although this no longer comes up as a block in this track). You get a tick and see that you have done all the stages for that block.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 11.02.39 am

If I look at the Rails Development track, it shows that I have completed the How to Make a Website and the Introduction to Programming blocks. I quite like this as I am ahead in this track already!

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 11.01.31 am

Next for me on this track is HTML Forms.

On a side note, Enspiral Dev Academy, which I am starting Phase 0 in March, is now using Treehouse for a lot of its online learning through this initial stage.


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