Intro to Programming – Treehouse

Have just completed the short block ‘Introduction to Programming’ in the Front End Web Development Track on Treehouse. Enjoyed doing this. Learnt about using the console in Google Chrome and then creating a JS file and running through Chrome and seeing results in the console for the page.

This was a short course but worthwhile doing even with having done some programming before. It was good have a recap and of course learning how things are done in Javascript, as the only other language I know a bit of is Python.

I have been pleased to learn that I have retained quite a bit about the concepts of programming from the Canterbury University Intro to Programming paper I did over the first half of 2014. And more importantly I think, is that I am confident to try out things and search for help when I am stick, rather then just thinking I can’t do it. Had a couple of these moments when working through this block.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 5.01.34 pm

Changing of content – had just finished this Introduction to Programming and went back to the Front End Web Development page to have a pop up saying that changes had been made to the course. You have an opportunity to review the changes before updating to it, which is good. I decided to update, as I kind of think that an update would be an improvement plus it affected mostly blocks I hadn’t done yet, except for the Intro to Programming. Which is now JavaScript Basics and some stuff added later on as well. So now onto JavaScript Basics – I may fly through it!


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