More Treehouse – CSS Basics

It’s amazing how much you can get done when you don’t have a full time job!

So this morning I completed the CSS Basics block on the Front End Web Development track on Treehouse. I started this before the How to Make a Website block which I completed yesterday.

As I mentioned in my last past I have enjoyed learning little tips and tricks to using CSS to make websites look good. For example, just using a top or bottom border on an element.

from CSS Basics

It was also great to learn about using gradients, how you can change images with CSS (which means you don’t need to be a  whizz at photo manipulation, plus it would be a time saver!), for example make them round by using border radius. Now, some of you reading this might be like ‘doh! yeah!’ but I didn’t know these things and it is opening a new world of coolness! Also, has me looking at  websites differently as well. I was looking at  yesterday and had a look at their people page and the cool coloured circles with images of everybody. Now, would have thought ‘Photoshop’, but actually not so much.

First image is what the page looks like and the second and third images are from after I have played around with the developer tools and styles in Chrome.

I am going to continue on this track with the next block – Introduction to Programming. At some point I am also going to revisit my resume site (only done top bit for mobile size) that I am revamping and apply some of the stuff I have learnt in How to Make a Website and CSS Basics.

The journey continues!


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