Computer Science 4 High Schools – Beginners Talk

Beginners’ Talk – Tim Bell

Introduction for those who have not attended CS4HS before; we’ll go over what Computer Science is, why it is being taught in high school, and look at the big picture of how to get up to speed for teaching it. If you have attended CS4HS before, the C-block Foyer has room to chat with other teachers.

Made with Code – Erica

Has talked about girls in CS, how they are getting better results then boys in NCEA CS. And of course the shortage and therefore need to get women into CS & tech.

Experienced teachers very important in the teaching of CS in NZ schools!

Activity – THE PARITY MAGIC TRICK – (student guide)


Skills needed by employers

  • logical thinking
  • communication
  • team work
  • critical, independent thinking

Impostor Syndrome

  • 70% people
  • particularly women
  • more success, more is reinforced
  • reluctant to say
  • actually – none of us know all bout CS!

“The greatest tragedy I know of is that so many young people never discover what they really want to do”.  Edna Kerr (quoted by Dale Carnegie)

NCEA Digital Technologies as preparation for studying Computer Science at University


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