A whirlwind tour of how computers work – EDA Meetup

First meet up ever. This one is on… “This talk will be a whirlwind tour of what’s going on under the covers in computers. It will start from transistors, and build up to logic gates, state machines, instruction sets, machine code, assembly language and up to high level programming languages and frameworks. Obviously we’ll be skipping a lot of detail, but the goal will be to demystify how computers work by building up from simple things to increasingly complex things in layers that can be understood separately.”

I found this talk fascinating. It was great to get an overview from start to end. Particularly as I have no computer science / electronics background knowledge or education. It was fast paced but explained really well so that I was able to grasp the concepts. And knowing a bit more about computers and how they work just makes me more amazed.

And this amazement could easily lead to a mentality of “I’m never going to get it or understand it” but there were a couple of things that take me away from this thinking. Firstly they guy taking the talk, talked about layers, how everything in a computer are in layers and you work out one layer and then go onto the next. And this way you can understand and manage the concepts.

Than at the end Joshua Vial made a closing remark about how people have, bit by bit, made, created what we now use as computers. That it hasn’t been just one person but heaps of people building different layers.

So, I know I can figure out layers and create parts to than work with others to make something bigger. What’s the saying ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts?!’