“A Day in the Life” – Enspiral Dev Academy

So on Saturday I went along to the “A Day in the Life” that was being run by Enspiral Dev Academy. It was a day set up for people to experience what Dev Academy – “Join us for a chance to really feel what it’s like to be a boot at our nine-week programming academy. We will walk you through the paces so you get an honest taste of what cohort members learn, feel and become.”

The day started of with introductions, learning names and an outline of what to expect. We then were paired up for some ‘pairing’ (coding in pairs). I was paired with James and the first challenge was Javascript Racer. It was great doing coding in pairs as I wouldn’t have got very far by myself. This ended up taking us most of the day as I had very litle Javascript experience. James had a bit more and with some help from the teachers and coaches we got a working model.

In between our coding challenge there was sessions on web development, engineering empathy, optional yoga or heading out for a walk in the sun. The day really did give a good overview of what the 9 week Dev Academy boot camp is like.

There were a number of engineering empathy activities we did throughout the day and I gained a lot of insight from these. Firstly we paired up with someone and for 2 minutes answered the question ‘why I am here today?’. Our partner then feed that back to use (‘looped’ it). From this and then the journaling exercise we did later in the day a realisation came more into focus for me. A realisation that ever since I encountered technology (Mac computers) at university back in the early 90s, I have really enjoyed using it. And the more I have used technology the more I have enjoyed using it to solve problems. This has been a recurring theme throughout my working life – using technology to solve problems.

So, overall the day was a success – jointly created a (very basic) Javascript game and bought a number of things into focus for me.

If you are interested in programming or wondering whether you might like it and you have the chance to attend “A Day in the Life” I would highly recommended. Also, Enspiral Dev Academy have a few exciting projects in the pipeline, so keep an eye out on what they are up to.