LoopEd 2014 Conference


LoopEd 2014 Conference website

Jane Gilbert: Keynote


This presentation will look at some of the ‘big ideas’ in circulation about why we need major change in our education system.

It will argue that, because these ideas are not well-understood, we are largely continuing with ‘business as usual’, and that, as a result, we will not be able to meet the needs of 21st century students and/or the society they will live in. The presentation will then look at how we could begin to do some of the ‘circuit-breaker’ thinking needed to move education into the 21st century.

(link to presentation)

Twitter hashtag – #looped14 – View the story “#looped2014” on Storify

Challenge-  not to get hooked into how exciting these things are; look at what aspect is more of the same and what is actually new stuff, doing stuff that is different.

Education is not about getting more and more students further along the production line.

Purpose is to build the kind of society we want,  to give people the capacity to participate in that society. Lots of tweets of this statement!

Live blogging #Looped2014 – @BENJAMINJRILEY


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