First day of 2014 – Teacher Only PD

School goals – Suzanne and Penny

2014 Annual Plan 

Annual Plan PDF / PPT presentation – start working on one SMART goal of your own

SMART goal planning – 1 Goal from Schools goals
1. Our learning pedagogy
——– 2. to be at the forefront of quality teaching and learning
————— to extend the use of BYOD within our anytime / anywhere learning environment

I am planning on trying to have our Year 9 Health content all online and not using a paper workbook. I have been collecting information about learning and instructional design plus gamification to help me with this, as I also want to make the Health content more engaging.

The above is from my 2013 Reflections post. I will endeavor to turn it into a SMART goal.

Alex Perry on BYOD

BYOD in YOUR Learning Environment – Prezi

Small part of e-learning.

Different models of BYOD you could try…


“You will use a digital tool to ……..” / Try to embed into my lessons learning activities.

Not knowing or being confident using BYOD yourself can help you build connections and relationships with the students who help you learn!


Know what devices your students are using. Google form that Alex has created to gather this information (Student Devices Survey).

Term 1 – Alex was quite controlled, was clear about what were and weren’t allowed to do. Had to ask if they were able to record things. Y10 though, gave them free range to start with. Have discussions with students about what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour with use of BYOD.

Good blog post for Classroom of BYOD Management.

Setting up the BYOD behaviours with your class

BYOD bevhaiours

Make it clear that your expectations will be different to expectations in other classes with other teachers.

Get students using their devices to support learning and achievement – e.g. reminders, homework. Note on board – could you use your device for this? easier, better.

using devices

Good ideas from Prezie – Tools for Self-Management / Capturing and accessing learning artifacts / Tools for student collaboration / Tools for creating.

Next year maybe their maybe an app on the stationary list for students to purchase?

BYOD Resources folder with resources for teachers to use to help implement using BYOD in the classroom.

Points to consider when setting up tasks:

blended learning

There was some discussion around the use of WGC4me (our school Moodle site), and that to use it really well then something had to change or be different – for it to be dynamic rather then static. How could you implement this?

One image from Alex’s presentation that I really like is the one below. I am going to work with my Year 9 Health class on the second row as I would really like to embed the use of BYOD.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 1.59.02 PM


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