Having an empty inbox!

Saw a great post by Tim Gander on “Master productivity with ‘things’ and zero inbox”.

I started doing what he suggested, particularly the Quick Tips at the bottom. Then I started searching for a to do list tool that would work for me. I wanted something that would sync across all my devices including Mac and PC. I find Todoist.


I think I found it by looking through the to do list apps and extensions in Google Chrome. I am loving it! I can create projects, tasks, set priorities, due dates, have sub tasks, tick when completed. You can add an extension in Chrome to add an email as a task – and it will link back to that email. You can add another extension that does the same for a website.

You can sync it across everything (or at least heaps)

todoist sync

Can’t say I always have an empty inbox but definitely have less in there. I have had an empty inbox regularly since changing how I have been managing my emails, which is an achievement for me!

Oh and I am only using the free version, which at the moment seems to do everything I want. Yay! With upgrading you get a lot more features.


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