Python for Beginners!

Online python –

Wing 101 –

Otago University Programming Workbooks –

Python is not backwards compatible from 3 to 2. Little difference but a bigger difference is need to have a () around what you want to print.

string = string of characters
integer = number

i, j, k – little loops going around

comments are documentation for your programme, when run in python test model where the comments will be recognised
“if someone was to test my programme this is what it would do, have tests for every module in your programme” – reason to put in comments

have to have syntax correct, right commas, full stops, ”  ‘, etc

Pros and cons of doing Python or Scratch at Year 11. For some Scratch maybe demotivating, for some it maybe motivating if they haven’t seen it before.
Turtle in Python is exactly the same as the Pen in Scratch.

Resources – (need login)


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