Feedback please! What Matters Most – Project Based Learning unit

Your feedback please! (Feedback from students welcome!)

My students are down to the business end of the their project based learning project (see previous posts)! They have (pretty) much completed them and are looking for feedback from a range of audiences. So, if you have a spare minute or ten my students and I would greatly appreciate any constructive feedback.

There are six projects below so far. (Note: looking to reflect on this by Monday 2nd December)

1. What Matters Most- The message young girls need to receive

2. Our Health Project

Our Health Project

3. What is true beauty?

4. Health and Beauty


5. What Matters Most

Beauty and Health Poster

6. “How can we help the next generation…”



7 thoughts on “Feedback please! What Matters Most – Project Based Learning unit

  1. This is brilliant stuff – authentic learning about a real life issue and for a real audience. You have thought critically about the influence of media messages and economic interests (toys) on young women (and everyone, really) in relation to the messages received about what it means to be a female in society. Your work is presented well, with clever use of digital formats, with persuasive language and clear descriptions. In relation to ‘Health Education’ I would feed-back that understanding relating to the underlying concepts could have been more explicit. For example, mention of influences that operate at personal, interpersonal and societal levels, effects of the messages on well-being, and opportunities for health promotion. For the latter – since this is published for a real audience, you could have given some guidance as to what the audience could do now (as a result of viewing/reading your material) in order to promote well-being/equitable health outcomes. For example, letter writing (advocacy) or spreading the word. Awesome work – ka pai to mahi!

  2. I really like the messages in these projects. Each one is a bit different but the questions that they ask are really relevant. The use of interesting effects, images and music makes the messages interesting and engaging. I was very impressed with the clear layout and all of the thought that went in to the presentations. You have thought critically about the media and the way that it presents us with images and ideas that are not realistic. I think the next step might be to think about some action that we can take. The media is not going away and advertisers only respond to what sells a product, so how can we make a change? Also anything that is going to be presented to a wide audience is always worth a second proof read so that the message remains clear and the reader is not distracted.

    Well done girls. Great work. Very effective presentations 🙂

  3. What a pleasure to look at these projects, thanks for the invitation Libby. I was really impressed with the clear engagement and thinking that has gone on here. The girls have showed that they can identify the influences on them and understand the effects it has on health and self-esteem. I loved seeing the different ways students chose to present their ideas. I think the next step is to start classifying these influences. The Social Studies teacher in me would like to see these organised into social, economic and political influences. And like others have mentioned some ideas on how we can take action. Awareness is a fantastic first step so we can be critical about the media and influences around us. It would be good to have some ideas of what we could do eg the different channels, or even what questions we could ask ourselves when we are confronted with such influences. I am sure that the students feel really good about their work here. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great job girls. I agree with previous comments that the presentations are effective, interesting and have a clear message. There is no getting away from the media – in fact, it is more present in our world than ever before so you have used a relevant and clever way to get your message across about the impact on our lives and our expectations of ourselves. I realise that this was a female perspective. It would be interesting to see the impact of societal expectations on boys and men too. I suspect it is just as invasive. Well done!

  5. Great inquiry topic and interesting presentation. We are covering some similar PBL in social Studies. I shall show them your video and pass on some of theirs once they are done. I really liked not being bombarded with cliche images and music that seems to permeate many presentations. Nice clear simple message with good questioning and evidence. A few issues with focus and lighting- a good learning curve for a first video.
    Next Step: I would recommend that you offer some suggestions on where to next, what can be done to change things… or links to other sites/ videos that help foster a more positive outcomes. Such as where viewers can go to learn more about fostering positive body image/ mental health and challenging the current status-quo. Perhaps suggest a social action viewers can take to promote change…”If you agree share this video with other etc…
    Overall well throughout and engaging- well done!

  6. Really enjoyed watching these, and getting the messages that you were trying to convey. You have addressed the issues regarding the media comprehensively and made it interesting and engaging for the viewer. I thought it was great the way you used a variety of methods to convey the message, the acting in the videos was great – convincing and not too cheesy!
    Another thing you could address would be what is the realistic way we as females (and teenagers) can deal with the bombardment from the media regarding nutrition, exercise, body image and self esteem. The Dove company has made a great start – do we need more of this? and do we need to support companies like that? Maybe we need more education in schools regarding these issues – and even to expand what we do @ WGC.
    You have worked incredibly hard on these – amazing effort girls.

  7. The first video is really powerful. Love the music and timing of the slides. Flashes of images are a clever idea. Makes you focus. Think the pictures of girls doing their own thing is a little limited as I only saw bikes, sports and study. Perhaps they could have climbing a tree, playing with animals, video gamers etc? Great video though!

    The first website is well layer out and I like all the sections. I feel there could have been more photos in the section showing how people have been altered by computer. Perhaps an explanation of how the computer artists do this. Could have also looked at the. History of media with famous people like Marilyn Munro might have shed some light on why the media do this.

    What is true beauty slides how is very informative and includes multimedia which makes it more captivating. Great design. Well written. Covered a wide scope on this topic. Well done.

    Show number 4 was hard to view on the iPad. A bit glitchy changing from one slide to the next. The videos were good but the slides seemed to lack factual detail. Nice design though.

    The poster for group 5 was well layer out and the magazine cover was eye catching. I like the touched up photos at the bottom but both look so good I wasn’t sure if both were touched up with different looks given by the artist. Maybe you could have labelled where they were from and what they were showing. Also the article was written from the writers perspective and lacked factual evidence.

    The last video about how can we help the next generation? It was great to see why there is a problem in society by you acting as this made these problems relatable to the teenage situations they are in daily. The video was a little rough with lighting but was overall entertaining. However, what can we do to help the next generation? The video didn’t answer this for me although it was clear what problems teenagers face.

    Georgette Lampitt via Facebook

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