What matters most – Project Based Learning unit

I have been thinking about creating a project based learning unit for quite awhile. I decided that this year it would be one of my goals to create a PBL unit for the unit we have called Shaping Up – it is about body image, nutrition, self-esteem, media etc. I kind of felt that a lot of the issues in this are really important and that I didn’t want to continue standing up the front going through power points, showing videos and getting students to write in the workbooks. I guess also I was kind of bored with it – it was exciting to teach. And this year I have a fantastic Year 10 class so feel really confident about trailing this with them.

Through my Twitter PLN I came across people who have been creating their own PBL units (@MissDSciTeacher@catwooller) and people who tweet useful links with regard to body image and the media (@WellsChristine). This has meant that I have been able to gather resources both on how to create / develop a PBL unit and body image, media etc. I also connected with Alex Perry (@alleyperry) and will use a resource she created for assessing key competencies – as I didn’t want to asses the outcome of the projects.

So, here is my first attempt at creating a PBL unit. I would love people to have a look and give me some feedback – What Matters Most Project – Google Doc. Good or bad, all is welcome, please leave comments.

Other links that have been useful:


4 thoughts on “What matters most – Project Based Learning unit

  1. Your project looks great! I like that you are getting your class to create their own driving questions.
    I have been teaching PBL for a year now, not with every unit of work but with 2-3 for year 9, 10 and 12. I found it useful to explain what PBL is before introducing the unit. I went over the BIE 8 essential ingredients and explained what they would look like to the class.
    Good luck and I can’t wait to read the next update!

  2. Looks fab Libby! I look forward to seeing the outcome / s. I’m sure it will hook them in well. And it looks very clear and straight forward anyway.

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