More thoughts from the Moodlebites for Course Designers

Using WordPress (20 June)

Awhile ago I thought I would start looking at writing a blog but discovered I’m not a blogger. However, recently I have discovered Rebelmouse – and that someone decided to follow the WordPress blog that I started in the last school holidays following the NZ Moodlemoot.

And now with the regular reminders about adding blog entries here I thought I would revisit WordPress. I do really like the UI and the layout in WordPress, plus you can easily follow other peoples blogs as well.

So, I am kind of blogging but it will be very intermittent I think. I am far more activie on Twitter and now with Rebelmouse I can gather everything in one place – which I think is pretty cool and handy.

Course Designers (9 June)

Wow! A lot to get through during the first week! Head full! Especially after having the iMoot not so long ago. Liked learning about roles and being able to add to different activities for students. Would like to spend more time looking at the philosophy and pedagogy behind Moodle and think about ways to implement with my classes at school. Would be really cool. Also had DP send link to this yesterday…  …would love to get something set up along these lines at school!!


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