Week 6 Accessibility and Usability (Moodlebites for Course Designers)

Been looking at Accessibility and Usability  Things I have found interesting, use of captions – particularly with YouTube, am going to have to try that out.

There is heaps to think about when looking at these issues. One in 12 students will have issues around colour and accessing or using sites. Perhaps these are good reasons to have a Style Guide for Moodle in a school and also this could help with the usability  having certain things the same across courses, subjects, departments and site wide.

Hmmm, will ponder.

Some pondering in answer to this: Some would say that for learning to have taken place a change in behaviour (or attitude) should be evident… (agree/disagree?) … so which of these statements best describes you ?

My answer to this Choice Activity was: I will certainly think more carefully about some design decisions.

However, whether I will do anything is all down to time! I know it is a cop out but my main issue with thinking about making courses more accessible is the time. Both the time needed to think about it but also the time to implement!

As Moodle keeps progressing, hopefully there will be more and more accessibility built into the core of Moodle.


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