Week 5 Advanced Database, Lessons & HTML (Moodlebites for Course Designers)

Week 5 got us looking more in-depth into Databases and Lessons. These I have not used really at all since learning about them last year in the Moodlebites for Teachers course.  I did try doing a lesson for 9 Digital Tech but I need to set aside a lot more time to implement it properly. I’m not to sure how I can use a database yet in any of my courses or at least I haven’t sat down and thought about it enough.

We also looked at HTML blocks, which I have used a lot on my home page in Moodle but not so much in courses. Although I do see the usefulness of them. Really need to set aside a lot of time to set all of these up!

On a completely different note, at school we are being upgraded to 2.5 over the holidays and I am rather excited about the Badges plugin! I have tried out using ‘badges’ in 2.4 using restricted access and activity conditions and students have seemed quite receptive to it. I also see this as a way to possibly give out pastrol house points, as our students no longer get given cardboards certificates for house points awarded, so could be really cool for Year 9’s to get!


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