Week 4 Graphics (Moodlebites for Course Designers)

A couple of forums posts that I have made for Week 4 of Moodlebites for Course Designers .


I have found pixlr – editor really great to use. Not as powerful as Photoshop but really up there for being all online. You can save files as a pxd file which saves all the layers etc, so you can work on again at a later date.
Has been a great option for students, means they can do work at home, as most do not have Photoshop (which is what we have at school).

Screen casts / Screen recording

I start using http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/ awhile go which was quite good. It has the mouse being highlighted or with a circle around when you click on things. However, I found that the qualoty wasn’t very good (will not for the free version anyway). I then discovered http://www.screenr.com/ which is great, good qulaity, easy to use, easy ti embed. Have used a lot in digital tech. With both though, the time limit is 5 minutes, which in a way is quite good as you don’t want to have screencasts that go on forever!!
This is my RSS feed from screenr.com – http://www.screenr.com/user/schuknight/rss




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