Week 3 Audio and Podcasts (Moodlebites for Course Designers)

Week 3 has been all about Audio, which would be really interesting to use in Moodle at school. However, lots seems to be ‘locked down’ for us at school which means we can’t just go and try things out. Although, Audacity will be a good tool to use and I would think particularly in Language subjects.

I am looking forward to using some audio in courses to change up from just having text or video resources. Might make it more interesting for me as well as the students.

I might have to have a go at getting students to record and see if they can upload into a forum. Oh and I need to try and get a voki working, cos that would be really cool and those students who aren’t keen to speak in front of t

How do you use audio in Moodle? Or with you students at school if you don’t use Moodle?
he class could contribute there great ideas in a less threatening way!

Link to course – Moodlebites for Course Designers


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