Educational Design – Moodlebites for Course Designers question

It seems the stars are aligning for me as the last topic on Educational Design is looking at the philosophy and pedagogy behind Moodle and online learning. And I felt that this was also what I took away from the iMoot not so long ago and I am definitely at a point with my own moodling where I want to go past the repository use in Moodle.

In answer to thi question:

Do your own courses reflect this process? If no, why not? 

No, they do not. Why not? I think it is because haven’t learnt about all of the ways Moodle can be used. I only know and understand a small part of what Moodle is capable of and also am only just starting to look at the pedagogy behind Moodle and actually online learning as well. I have also found it hard to get my head around blended learning and how to best integrate the use of Moodle with face to face teaching. Perhaps doubly hard in such a practical subject such as PE. Although I have an idea of how I can Health more engaging with Moodle. Plus I teach some Digital Tech as well – although in someways that is more prescriptive, especially in senior years as everything is so assessment oriented.

However, it is the way of the future for education – personalised learing, online learning, digital technology in nearly all professions – just imagine what the kids of today and going to be doing for jobs in the future. I have been collecting some interesting sites about the future of education –

So, with all of that in mind I hope that in the very near future my courses will reflect such philosophy and pedagogy.


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